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My name is Alin Dan POTORAC and I am assistant professor to the Computer and Automation Department from University of Suceava, ROMANIA 

I was born in 1962, I have a Ph.D degree in electronics and I work on Digital and Analog Systems Design, CAD in Electronics, IT and Multimedia 

 If you want, you can have more information about me you can read my curriculum vitae or my works list

My coordinates are:
                                  Ph.D.eng. Alin Dan POTORAC
Office Address: 
            Computer and Automation Department 
            "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava 
            1, University Street, 720225 Suceava, ROMANIA
            tel.office: (40)-230-216147/179 (operator), 522978/179 (tone mode only) 

Home Address: 
           4, S.Fl.Marian Street 
           720193, Suceava, ROMANIA 
           tel.home: +(4)-0230-214011
           tel.mob. +(4)-0722-627729 

e-mail: alinp@eed.usv.ro, alin@eed.usv.ro, apotorac@yahoo.com

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*ask for access password: alinp@eed.usv.ro

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